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Building a REST Service in Java following Clean Architecture

Have you ever captured new software requirements and asked yourself, where you can place them in your system? This may sound arrogant, but I assume that your architecture is the reason. After reading this article, it should be crystal clear where requirements should be placed with a little help from the "magic" of Uncle Bob's Clean Architecture

Matthias Klee

· 30 min read

The Twelve-Factor App Methodology

Some might argue that the twelve-factor principles are dusty and oudated. But they are far from that. The principles are still applicable to almost any (cloud native) application and are contain generally good advices

Yannic Schröer

· 8 min read

Hyrum's Law of Implicit Dependencies

If Hyrum’s Law would be a movie I would describe it as: The consequences of bad documentation and assumptions on interfaces.

Yannic Schröer

· 4 min read