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How to Sign All GitHub Commits

Ever wondered how you verify your commits for GitHub? In this short Tutorial we’re going to show you how to do it! We assume however, you’re using a Linux distribution.


Cloud Foundry Components

Are you new to Cloud Foundry (CF) or want to know what it is? We take a look into the Cloud Foundry components to get a broad overview of the PaaS solution.

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Nice to know

5 Programming facts every programmer must know

Are you a developer, computer scientist, software engineer, or just interested in coding? Whatever matches, you probably should know all of these facts about programming and coding! Do you?

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Code Principles

Decorators in Python

Have you ever seen “@” symbols in Python code and wondered how they work and what they do? The expressions used with them are called decorators, and while they may seem magical at first glance, understanding them is not a masterpiece. In this post we are going to demystify the decorators in Python and explain what they do, how they work, and how you can create them yourself!

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New Syntax Features in Python 3.9

In October 2020, Python 3.9 introduced amazing new syntax features. As of now, you can use the new operators for dictionaries, better type hints and the advanced syntax for decorators. Read more about them in this post!

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5 Ways to Speed Up Python Code

Python isn’t the fastest language by far, but it is fun and forgiving due to the dynamic typing and the reduced response because of being

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Bubble Sort in Python and how to Visualize it

In this post about the bubble sort algorithm in Python, we want to look into how to implement and visualize it. Bubble sort isn’t quite an efficient algorithm when it comes to time complexity. However, it is easy to code and to understand, so it is often an introductory problem for computer science students and pupils.

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Code Interview

Reverse words in a string

The problem of reversing the order of words in a string was one of the most popular code interview questions of 2020. We want to solve the problem here ad present and exemplary solution.

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Visualize K Means Algorithm in Python

In this article we want to take a look at the k-means algorithm. The k-means algorithm is used to determine clusters. It is often the first algorithm you will see in any machine learning introduction, as it is easy to understand. We will code the algorithm in Python and also visualize it.

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Dictionary-Tricks in Python

In Python, the dictionary is one of the most powerful data structures you can use. There are many features and techniques concerning dictionaries that you may not have on your radar yet, but they will help you to simplify your code and gain more flexibility. This post will present you the 10 most important dictionary-tricks in Python!

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Marching Cubes Algorithm

The Marching Cubes Algorithm is a meshing algorithm in the field of computer graphics. It is used to extract a polygonal mesh out of an isosurface from a three- or two-dimensional scalar field. It is primarily used for visualization modeling because it makes it easy to adjust the generated mesh.