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Python Switch-Statement Alternative

Most common programming languages feature the switch-case statement, while Python doesn’t. At first glance, you maybe ask why Python doesn’t support such a common and basic control pattern. This post will explain it and show alternatives for the switch statement!

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Write Better Code

Meaningful Names

Every developer heard this sentence at least once before: “Use meaningful names for your variables!”. As I heard this advice for the first time, I thought: Nothing easier than that! I know the purpose of my variables, accordingly, it shouldn’t be a problem to give them good names. However, after months I read my code again and didn’t understand anything. This post will present a few tips and best practices for writing better names!

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Write Better Code

Comments – What you should keep in mind

Comments are one of the first features everybody gets to know when learning a new programming language. They can be useful for describing the functionality of code-segments or giving additional information about some code. There are many good reasons to use comments. However, you should still keep a few things in mind when you write them!

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Code Principles

KISS Principle (Keep it simple stupid)

KISS – an acronym for “keep it simple stupid” is a design rule that every professional developer should apply to their code. It reduces complexity and improves readability as well as maintainability by aiming for the simplest solution.

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