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bubble sort in python preview

Bubble Sort in Python and how to Visualize it

In this post about the bubble sort algorithm in Python, we want to look into how to implement and visualize it. Bubble sort isn’t quite an efficient algorithm when it comes to time complexity. However, it is easy to code and to understand, so it is often an introductory problem for computer science students and pupils.

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How to use Linux Ubuntu with Windows 10

If you are a developer or plan to become one, developing on Windows as the operating system (OS) can be… pretty unpleasant. Therefore I want to list some ways on how to use Linux Ubuntu 20.04 with Windows 10. Often it’s no option to install the Linux OS directly to the computer. That’s when virtualization comes into play.

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cpu core

Concurrency in Python

Concurrency is a powerful concept to execute various commands parallely. It is available in nearly any programming language but is often difficult to understand or implement. I will focus on explaining this in the context of a current Windows OS and the concurrency how-tos will use Python as a language.

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