Author: Yannic Schröer


Cloud Foundry Components

Are you new to Cloud Foundry (CF) or want to know what it is? We take a look into the Cloud Foundry components to get a broad overview of the PaaS solution.

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python speed up thumbnail

5 Ways to Speed Up Python Code

Python isn’t the fastest language by far, but it is fun and forgiving due to the dynamic typing and the reduced response because of being interpreted rather than compiled. There are other languages that are way faster when it comes to computational speed. But that’s not a reason to abandon Python. In our first video, we want to show you 5 ways to speed up Python code without sacrificing any readability. Yannic SchröerI am a developer and entrepreneur from Germany. I chose studying computer science because I love building things. I am of the opinion that there isn’t one truth (especially for computer science concepts) and whoever claims so isn’t that trustworthy in my eyes. I constantly try to improve things and myself. In my spare time I support businesses by offering them most of my services for free. Beside that I am kind of addict to e-learning courses.

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bubble sort in python preview

Bubble Sort in Python and how to Visualize it

In this post about the bubble sort algorithm in Python, we want to look into how to implement and visualize it. Bubble sort isn’t quite an efficient algorithm when it comes to time complexity. However, it is easy to code and to understand, so it is often an introductory problem for computer science students and pupils.

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Code Interview

Reverse words in a string

The problem of reversing the order of words in a string was one of the most popular code interview questions of 2020. We want to solve the problem here ad present and exemplary solution.

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Code Interview

New Category: “Code Interview”

Hello folks! Today we want to introduce a new category on this blog: “Code Interview”. In this category, we want to post our solutions to frequent code interview questions. Often when you look into these solutions, they’re cryptic and hard to understand. We, in contrast, want to provide our solutions by following the clean code rules. Thereby, the problem gets way easier to understand and the reuse of the code gets much more probable. However, we also want to use this opportunity to voice criticism. These so-called coding interviews almost never have anything to do with the actual job and are thereby useless for finding suitable developers for the position. Coding interviews should be tailored to the actual job and not be a mere test of theoretical knowledge. If you have any additions or requests for solutions, comment or mail us! Yannic SchröerI am a developer and entrepreneur from Germany.

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